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Metabolic Testing
RMR, VO2 Max &
Anaerobic Threshold
Whether you are looking to loose weight or increase peformance, metabolic testing can help you reach your goals. Our resting metabolic rate tests rates your metabolism and gives you a gauge of how many calories per day that you need to maintain or lose weight. Our VO2 - anaerobic threshold tests let you know your true heart rate zones to get the most out of your fat burning ability while you do your cardio workouts. Runners and cyclists can also take their sport and racing to the next level by getting heart rate zones to help with realistic heart rate training goals. Check out the links below for more info about both tests and call us at 713-523-2577 if you have questions about testing and how it can benefit your fitness goals.

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New Houston 5K/10K
Training Program
Starts January 20th!

Kick off the new year with a bang as Coach Michael's new In Flight Running 5K/10K program launches on Tuesday January 20th. The 12 week program welcomes walkers and runners of all skill levels and get you trained up for a 5K or 10K goal race in mid April 2015. Whether you just want to get off the couch, run or walk your first race, return to the sport of running after a hiatus or improve your current 5K or 10K time this is the program for you.

Program includes 2 group workouts a week on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, online training schedules accessible via a phone app, 10% discount at Fleet Feet sports, training dry fit T shirt, online video running video instruction series, coaches to help lead the way and all the team camaraderie you need to reach your finish line.

Be one of the first 30 to register before January 12th & get a free video gait analysis ($85 value) from Coach Michael Merlino and start the program a week sooner on January 13th..

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Inflatable Fitness Balls

Inflatable fitness balls from Harbinger, Theraband and TKO. Great for abdominal and core body strengthening.

Weighted Fitness Balls
A great alternative to traditional weights, these water-filled rubber balls are great for training core body.
Foam Rollers
Rehab Equipment
Foam rollers are hot and a great way to apply your own myofacial massage. They can also be used for balance, stability and core body training. Check our our full line of foam roller and rehab equipment.
Workout Belts
Stabilize low back and trunk while performing those heavier lifts. We offer a wide selection from Harbinger Fitness.

Harbinger Big Grip
Workout Gloves
Heavy duty gloves for the serious lifter. Available in wrist wrap and non wrist wrap styles.
Outdoor Strength
Boot camps are hot but Michael has been busy designing his own version of outdoor exercise. No army fatigues and screaming in your face while wallowing in the mud here. Just challenging and safe workouts for all fitness levels that will make you fall in love with playing outside again. Each workout involves resistance training and cardio conditioning to get you in shape quick and wondering why you haven't done this stuff since you were 8 years old.

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Weight Training
Wrist Straps
Increase wrist support with our wide selection of weight lifting straps from Harbinger and Grizzly.
Nip Guards
Abrasion Prevention
For Runners
Protect from painful nipple abrasion. A must have product for male runners. Don't run your next long run or race without them.

Run Fast by
Hal Higdon
Whether you are a beginner road racer or shooting for a new personal best, this book does a great job of breaking down training schedules and drills to run smarter and prepare for race day.
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Pamela from Chihuahua, Mexico
I work out 5 days a week and can't loose weight. I do spinning, tae bo and many types of cardio. Where am I going wrong?



Hello! Thanks for the question. Mmmm...I don't know specifics about you and details on your training methods so let me answer this based on similar situations with clients like yourself.

You answered part of your question by saying that nutrition is important. 80% of weight management issues revolve around what you eat and when you eat. If you are eating well but not losing the weight then you may be doing some things that are not allowing you to rev up your metabolism or your ability to burn fat and drop un-wanted weight. Here are a few things to look at along with a link to a great article written by my good friend and advisory board member Amy Carlson, Registered Dietitian.

- Are you eating healthy snacks between meals and avoiding after dinner snacking? If not scale down your breakfast lunch and dinner and add in a healthy, low cal snack between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. This reduces cravings for the late night snack.

- Are you drinking 8-10 8 ounce glasses of water per day? If not start doing it. Consistently drinking your water revs up metabolism and allows your body to burn more fat. Plus muscles love to be hydrated and perform more efficiently

- Are you staying away from sodas and high sugar foods? If not cut back on the sugar. Sugar adds empty calories and without the activity can be readily stored as fat.

- For more dos and don't of metabolism check out Amy Carlson's article on metabolism at the link below.

" Rev Up Your Metabolism"

OK, now that we have discussed fine-tuning your nutrition the next and most important question is, do you weight train? All of the activities you mentioned involve cardiovascular fitness which is a great way to burn fat but to get off the sandbar you are stuck on with your weight you must
build muscle while you are burning fat with your cardio. I call weight training the "missing link" because many avoid it or don't do as much of this as they should to maximize results. I see this more often with women. If you are not weight training start doing it. Work every major muscle
group at least twice a week. Check out these links below to some great articles I have written on the weight training.

Building your own weight training workout

Sets & Reps: The Building Blocks of a Great Workout

Getting The Most Out Of Weight Training

Lastly I want to commend you on doing your cardio. Most people I work with have the toughest time sticking to this. You have some good variety in your program but I would suggest building some rest days in. A day or two each week when you shut down exercise, fuel up with great nutrition and allow your body to recuperate. You will come back stronger for the next workout and allow your body to build muscle more efficiently. If you add weight training do your weights first and follow with your cardio for maximum fat burning. I have given you plenty to think about
so meld some of this in a little bit at a time and see what happens. Keep me posted on your progress.

Hope that helps. Read the articles, keep up the good work, fine-tune what you are doing and I would almost bet that the weight will start coming off before you know it.


Michael J. Merlino
Certified Professional Fitness Trainer

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